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This Website and the Bulletin is prepared and maintained by the Bulletin Editor.


Materials for either can be submitted using the following methods

   1. Email here

   2. Place the material in the Bulletin mailbox at the Lodge

   3. Mail it to the Lodge Attn: Bulletin

Comments or suggestions are always welcome. We reserve the right to edit submitted items as needed. The Exalted Ruler has the final responsibility for the Newsletter content.

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                       General Information                  bpoe916@comcast.net

                       Exalted Ruler                           bpoe916er@comcast.net

                       Lodge Secretary                      bpoe916secretary@comcast.net

                       Lodge Treasurer                      bpoe916treasurer@comcast.net

                       Trustees                                   bpoe916trustee@comcast.net

                       Event Bookings                        bpoe916events@comcast.net

                       Bulletin Editor                           bpoe916bulletin@comcast.net






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